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Wellbeing & Mindfulness

We can’t live through a single day nowadays without having these phrases hurled at us. “Be mindful”, “Live in the moment”, “Being mindful will enhance your wellbeing”, they say. It appears that the answer to every calamity to befall us is “wellbeing” and “mindfulness”.


But…..what do these words mean? What is Wellbeing? Is my state of wellbeing the same as yours? What does it mean to be mindful? Is it to have a mind “full” of good thoughts or is it to not have any thoughts at all? What do these phrases mean? 


I am as obsessed with exploring these concepts as I am devoted to my craft. As my own definitions of Wellbeing and Mindfulness evolve, those perspectives leak into my pieces of writing. Mindfulness to me is to recognize that the answer for today won’t be the answer for tomorrow. Wellbeing to me is to allow myself to be as flexible as my ever-changing perspective. 


What my articles on these subjects don’t do, however, is give absolute answers. None of my articles will tell you exactly how to think, only what to think about. My articles will ask you to consider every perspective and break down the problem down into digestible themes. 


Come, explore what I have to say about Wellbeing & Mindfulness………..

Arianna Huffington’s gift to mankind, Thrive Global provides behavior change technology. I have been writing for Thrive Global since 2020, being published over 16 times since joining the platform. This page captures all my Wellbeing & Mindfulness related pieces for Thrive…

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