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Where am I going next? Everywhere and Nowhere.


Having lived in three continents and traveled to multiple countries, I can vouch for the power of travel. I love the feeling of being in an alien space where nothing is familiar. Where I am surrounded by an unfamiliar language and hypnotized by a new way of life. Somehow time is much slower when engaged in travel. Breakfast tea is more fragrant, toast crispier, butter juicier, and even strawberries heighten their crunch. 


Travel is where you take yourself but come back with two versions of yourself. It really is your choice then, which one you want to stick with. Most of us choose our post holiday version as they have less anxiety, more confidence, and a kind of faith not found within our tired selves. 


On this page you will find my articles on all things travel. Whether it is the best tidepools around San Francisco, heights of Ober Gatlinburg, best horseriding trails, or a comparison of all Disney resorts…’s all here!

A leading travel publication, Tripster has all the inside scoop on where to travel, best times, and best tickets. Sarina Byron’s articles for Tripster include expert tips on best things to do in the Bay Area and insider’s guides to hidden visitable gems around the US!

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