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Deriving from the Greek words, “psyche” and “logos”, Psychology as we all know is the science of studying the mind. Few things interest me more than this extensive subject. 


Think about it, every single mind is unique. I don’t quite mean the brain, although not every brain is anatomically the same as well. We are in the realm of the mind and human behaviour. Unlike the physical body, ailments and dysfunctions of the mind aren’t always obvious. That is where Psychology adds another dimension to our world. 


To understand how the mind is shaped by events and how the mind shapes our thoughts feels like a privilege. The combination of being a writer and having a keen interest in Psychology means that I am always testing and exploring the human condition. 


Sometimes, I am my own subject and other times, I can be found asking strange questions of people. Both advance my understanding some more and for all those gaps……we have Jung of course. 


Peek inside my mind for a better look at my explorations……

Leading publication dedicated to the secret life of introverts. Sarina Byron's piece for Introvert, Dear is her own experince of life as an extroverted introvert. 

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