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Writers have a complicated relationship with Opinion pieces, well, at least I do. No writer is without opinions but expressing opinions is no easy matter. 


A good opinion piece requires much patience. Why? Isn’t it just a case of stating your opinion? You’re on the right track but for an “Opinion” piece to be respectable and valid, a little more needs to go in. 


Would you accept an opinion if it was a list of things I thought about a certain topic? Would it be enough that I was convinced and organized my thoughts into 1500 words? Nope, an intelligent reader like you would expect all opinions to be backed up by research, data, and hard facts. You would expect the opinions to be based on research and not the other way around. 


Opinion pieces can range from personal to political but what they need to be more than anything is, timely. They need to resonate with their audience and the more original they are, the better. 


So, dive into my world of opinions and let those contribute to shaping your own!.........

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