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​​Every writer can trace the desire to write back to a set of books. Whether it was your first book or the last one to send your heart soaring, once that desire is born, so is a writer. 

From that moment on, literature flows freely in your veins and your mind swims with words all day everyday. That happened to me at the tender age of ten. It was abridged children's classics that sparked the dream. In my decade of working on Wall Street, I couldn't shake off the feeling that the world of literature was beckoning.......And a day arrived when I gave it all up for love of  literature. 


​For a world of fiction, poetry, drama, and the never-ending pursuit of belles-lettres.


In practice, the category wraps essays, recits, speeches, letters, humorous writings, and other lighter branches of literature into a sweet rosy bundle. My version, however, prefers to chase the literal definition of the genre………..beautiful letters. Belles lettres began as a phrase depicting beautiful and find writing but its modern definition swings between ​​dilettantish and fine art. Neither definition works in its entirety for my literary works but then the world of literature has no absolutes, does it? 


This page is filled with my own belles lettres literary pieces…….may they bring you as much equanimity in reading them as I experienced in creating them.

A leading literary publication, Book Series Recaps is the home of book series reviews and recaps. 


Book Series Recaps is especially close to my heart as I have my own page on the website called, "Bringing Back the Classics" where I review and recap classic books analyzing their brilliance and perhaps questioning their relevance for today's world.

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