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Career & Self

Networking……feedback…….negotiation…..promotion……you spend your days drowning in these words don’t you? 


Regardless of the industry, this stuff follows you everywhere. It’s in your performance metrics at work, it's in every major publication, every “It” book of the moment…….it's even in that annoying friend who can’t stop spouting management jargon. 


This page doesn’t promise to never do that but it does promise to cut through the bs. I channel over a decade worth of Wall Street experience to only say what I mean. My articles are not filled with as much actionable counsel as they are with practical insider tips. 


This is where the title delivers more than it promises. No clickbait drawing you in to tell you something you already know. There’s nothing worse than that. 


This section is filled with pieces that consider your “Self” and tie that in navigating your career. After all, you take your”self” everywhere you go, don’t you? So why shouldn’t your career gain maximum benefit of your entire being. 


How do I do that? You only have to keep reading to find out……

Arianna Huffington’s gift to mankind, Thrive Global provides behavior change technology. I have been writing for Thrive Global since 2020, being published over 16 times since joining the platform. This section captures all my Career & Self related pieces for Thrive Global…

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