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Beauty & Fashion

Fashion and Beauty is incomplete without Anna Wintour, so let’s start there. The lady herself admits 


"People respond well to those that are sure of what they want"


Well, I for one am pretty sure that writing about Beauty & Fashion is much more than just listing the latest fashions and best items. It’s about creating a world so filled with beauty that people want to immerse themselves in it. A world where you can be exactly who you want to be. Where a new perfume changes your mood, a new skin oil infuses every pore with energy, and occasionally, changing your style helps you become someone new. 


This is the magic I capture in my meticulously researched articles. I marry beauty and fashion trends with high-volume, high-quality keywords, to create masterful articles that double a website’s readership. Whether I am writing about the best perfumes for the summer or tips on increasing body confidence, I am always sure of what I want. 


When you read my pieces on Beauty & Fashion, you will be sure of what you want as well!

ClothedUp is a media outlet committed to honest product reviews, lists, style guides and all things fashion, beauty and lifestyle. With over 200k views a month, Clothedup is fast emerging as an leading publication in this space. Sarina Byron's contributions to ClothedUp range from lifestyle related articles to the depths of the fashion industry. 

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