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Links to Sarina Byron's Published Work

All Published Articles below are pieces written by Sarina Byron. Whilst I have an abundance of words  within my writings, I have few to describe my work. It has been my pleasure to write for the publications that have commissioned my work and I will let you read and form your own opinions. 

Published on Tripster

A website that takes the pleasure of travel to the next level by taking all the stress out of planning your trip. With insider tips and tricks from verified residents, adventurers, and sightseers, Tripster has the best information for turning your travels into the trip of a lifetime. 


 5 Must-See Tide Pools in San Francisco

5 Best Horseback Riding Trails in San Francisco

Published on Authors Publish

Authors Publish is a leading publication that reviews publishers, provides writing workshops and numerous helpful resources for writers. Sarina Byron's articles for Authors Publish are centred around the very technique and art of writing.

Bringing Your Characters to Life Through the “Five Whys”

Easy Character Creation through 25 core elements

Published on Introvert, Dear

An award-winning community for introverts, Introvert, Dear is dedicated to helping Introverts thrive. Introvert, Dear gets over two million views a month and has gained mention by leading names such as The BBC, HuffPost, Buzz Feed, Washington Post, Oprah etc. Sarina Byron's piece on Introvert, Dear is deeply introspective and a reflection of her own inner life.

Inside the mind of an 'Extroverted' Introvert

Published on ClothedUp

ClothedUp is your one stop destination for all things fashion and beauty. Rapidly increasing in readership, ClothedUp features all manner of essential reads from skincare, haircare to wardrobe essentials. Sarina Byron's pieces on ClothedUp reflect her passions in the areas of fashion and beauty. 

15 Affordable Designer Bags of Every Type

12 Summer Wardrobe Essentials 

10 Best Summer Perfumes and Where to buy Them


9 Summer Skincare Tips for Healthy Glowing Skin

10 Steps to Boost Body Confidence and Love Your Body

8 Best Oils for Skin of Every Type (Expert - Approved)

Published on Book Series Recaps

Sarina Byron is proud to have a page dedicated to her writing on Book Series Recaps where she reviews and recaps classic literature books. The selection goes beyond  the western cannon including books from Eastern literature

Bringing Back the Classics: A series of Reviews and Recaps of Classic Literature Books, not limited to English Literature

Book Review: Call the Midwife

Book Recap: Call the Midwife 

Book Review: Little Women

Book Recap: Little Women

Book Review: The Classic Adventures of Paddington

Book Recap: The Classic Adventures of Paddington Part 1

Book Recap: The Classic Adventures of Paddington Part 2

Book Review: Chokher Bali

Book Recap: Chokher Bali 

Book Review: Beauty and the Beast (Unabridged)

Book Recap: Beauty and the Beast (Unabridged)

Book Review: The Great Gatsby

Book Recap: The Great Gatsby

Book Review: Jane Eyre

Book Recap: Jane Eyre

Book Review: Anne of Green Gables

Book Recap: Anne of Green Gables

Book Review: Oliver Twist

Book Recap: Oliver Twist

Published on Thrive Global

Thrive Global is where Sarina Byron's musings and wellness related pieces are published. On account of the musings, this will probably be the most diverse set of written pieces by Sarina Byron. 

The Other Pandemic

The History of Books, Reading and Perspective......Has Anything Changed?

Your Plus One.....Or Perhaps Three?

Surviving Your Two Personas

To Worry or Not To Worry

Make a Success of Your New Career

To Break or Not to Break

Solitude For Success

Finding Your "Why"..... How to Define Your Purpose

Mastering the Art of Giving Feedback

Re-discover the Joy of Reading

Essential Aspects of Digital Communication

Consideration in a Professional Environment

To Worry or Not To Worry

Finding and Maintaining Perspective in Tumultuous Times

How to Effectively Navigate Conflict in the Workplace

Determining the Right time to Move Jobs

Top 3 Reasons Your Resume is Being Overlooked

Surviving Your Two Personas

How to Negotiate Like A Professional

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