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Art of Writing

Anyone who has ever attempted the subtle art of writing knows that there is more to it than putting pen to paper. Writing, unless it evokes emotion is largely meaningless. 

​A writer's perspective on life varies greatly from a non-writer's. A hovering hummingbird is just a beautiful bird to a non-writer but to a writer, she is a fairy visiting our land in disguise. She isn't just feeding on flowers but breathing fairy dust back into them to prolong their life, fragrance, and tender petals. You see how it works? 

​This imagination joins a stellar vocabulary (or thesaurus), achingly beautiful prose, and descriptions that swallow the reader whole, to create enduring works of writing. This is the alchemy most writers work for.......this is the magic they seek. Some say there are techniques that get you there and others believe it's destiny. I don't now about destiny but I am sure every writer occasionally leans on reliable methods and techniques to better their craft. 

This page is dedicated to capturing my works revolving around the Art of Writing. All articles are great as a guide on the topic or to verify what you already know……Read on……Write on…….

A publication dedicated to removing barriers to entry for new writers. Authors Publish lists and reviews literary journals and direct submission publishers. Sarina Byron's published works on Authors Publish pertain to key elements of the craft of writing that incorporate her personal experience and in-depth research. 

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