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"Je Reviens"

Daphne du Maurier might have just wanted to create an immortal character in Rebecca de Winter but little might she have thought she'll end up creating a writer. From the minute I first read Rebecca, I lusted after creating magic like that. Alchemy of craft though is an evolving process as every writer will tell you. This is where you can have a peek at my own evolution as a writer.

Sarina Byron photo

I, Sarina am a British Author and Contributing Writer based in Bellevue, Washington, USA. 


Former Investment Banker, Engineer and resident of three continents, I bring a variety of perspectives and experience to my writing. Curious by nature, I have dabbled in almost everything that intrigued me. Be it Reiki, crystal healing, bellydancing, Arabic calligraphy, meditation, Jungian Psychology, or even learning a new language every two years, I've taken my time to enjoy and perfect each of them. 

Whilst I naturally began with writing about business, I swiftly began to cover other areas like Psychology, Wellness, Travel, Book Reviews, and even the Art of Writing itself. As of today I have over 100 articles in print with a strong pipeline. 

With a slew of high-performing articles with well-researched SEO, keywords, section split, and metaheaders, I have built spectacularly strong relationships with all publications I have written for. 


Want to partner for some fantastic written and social content? Email or check out my

Instagram handle: @sarinatrodriguez

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